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What's going on with old people shaking their hands

If you often contact the old people, you will find that many old people have hand shaking phenomenon, and these old people do not know their own hand shaking, what's the matter?

Usually, hand shaking is divided into physiological and pathological hand shaking. In some cases, normal people will have physiological hand shaking, but it is not a disease and does not need treatment. This kind of hand shaking is small in scope and fast in speed. It often occurs in quiet time. It is a small, fast and irregular shaking, often related to mental tension, fear, emotional excitement, etc.

Pathological hand tremor is often a symptom of some diseases, which is called tremor in medicine. It refers to the hand shaking not at will and often occurs repeatedly. It is mainly divided into two types: static hand tremor and motional hand tremor. Among them, motionless hand shaking is a kind of hand shaking that occurs when muscles are relaxed. This kind of hand shaking is alleviated or disappeared during exercise, and most people can disappear during sleep, typical diseases such as Parkinson's disease; motional hand shaking refers to the hand shaking that occurs during exercise, when the hand is close to the target, the shaking is aggravated, not obvious when it is quiet, common in brain lesions, typical diseases such as primary tremor.

If the above diseases can not be diagnosed and treated in time, they will completely lose their ability of self-care.