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How should old people's irritability be alleviated?

How should old people's irritability be alleviated? Many people have mild or severe winter depression. The elderly often have irritability in winter. How can the elderly control their emotions? The elderly feel irritable, which can be eliminated by the following methods.

To relieve themselves, the elderly should develop a habit of talking, and speak out their inner pain to their relatives or friends in time, so that some inexplicable irritability tends to disappear.

Learn to laugh. The elderly can think about anything and don't care. They often smile to show their generosity. Many irritability can be easily eliminated. Self confession is mainly to the people who deal with themselves. Language confessions such as' my temper has gone bad 'and' people like me are easy to get excited 'can not only remind themselves, but also help to win the understanding of others.

Behavior control the most effective behavior control is to hold the Neiguan point, press the eyeball, pull the earlobe or rub the temple with both hands.

After reading the above contents, we should have some understanding of how to alleviate the anxiety of the elderly. More topics about the anxiety of the elderly will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!