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Some of the things women are most afraid of

The things that women are most afraid of. What are women afraid of in daily life? What do women do most easily? There are many things hidden in life that make you fear subconsciously. Let's summarize some things that women are most likely to fear.

1. Crossing the bridge

Suppose you get a job that pays well, but you have to give up because you have to drive across a bridge every day, then you have a very common female 'fear of crossing the bridge'. The patients with this kind of mental illness will feel that crossing the bridge is like going to die.

However, psychologists believe that behind the appearance of "bridge phobia" or other phobias, there is a deeper fear of other things. For example, what the bridge phobia patients really fear may be the job they need to show up at the other end of the bridge.

2. Spiders

Just because your boyfriend, father or even neighbors help you kill that big and ugly spider doesn't mean you're a coward. A study by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States shows that women are naturally afraid of reptiles such as spiders. The researchers found that boys and girls were more likely to express fear when they looked at the same spider picture.

3. Vomiting

Vomit phobia often results from an unpleasant experience. For example, a woman in a restaurant on the way to a sudden discomfort, in full view of the public, vomiting at the table. After that, she began to avoid all opportunities to eat out and socialize. Because she was worried that she would eat something wrong and spit it out.

But psychologists point out that doing so only reinforces the fear. If vomit phobia has affected your choice of food or social life, you need to seek professional treatment.

4. Birds

Do you remember the scene in Hitchcock's "birds"? Psychological research shows that women are more likely to have 'bird phobia'. Due to the fear of birds rushing into the door, some patients with severe symptoms even dare not take a step.

5. Elevator

For some patients with claustrophobia, the closed elevator is like a coffin, which makes people feel helpless.

But in fact, claustrophobia can be treated with medicine. The following methods are suitable for patients with claustrophobia in extreme situations. Instead of climbing up the nine stairs as usual, you should take the elevator. On the first day, press and hold the up button of the elevator, and then leave. The next day, he opened the elevator door and stopped it with his hands. On the third day, I took the first floor elevator hand in hand with a friend. In this way, make a little progress every day, and you will find that fear is leaving you every day.

6. Flying

Fear of flying is also called acrophobia. Sometimes the symptoms are very strong, but they are also curable.

Psychological experts suggest that patients buy relevant treatment books and DVDs, or try systematic desensitization therapy. In addition, some airlines have some special service measures for passengers who are afraid of flying. Passengers can explain and put forward relevant requirements before buying tickets.

7. Lightning

For most women, perhaps only when they are curled up in a warm blanket with their lover, can lightning weather prevent their heart beating and palms sweating.

For weather related anxiety disorders such as' lightning phobia ', some women can self regulate, while others can't, so they need professional help.

8. Dogs

Is a dog the best friend or the biggest enemy of a woman? In women's eyes, a dog can be a friendly and loyal friend or a roaring beast. Most of human canine phobia stems from the experience of being bitten or attacked by dogs in their early years. So terrible memories and experiences can last into adulthood. As a result, adult patients will feel fear even if they encounter a friendly dog.

Psychologists say that people who want to get out of the psychological shadow of "dog phobia" can start by touching the baby dog. When you see a furry six week old puppy who can't wake up all the time, your fear will be swept away and you will have compassion.

9. Bacteria

Doorknobs, shower heads, photocopiers... Almost every day we hear about a new birthplace of deadly bacteria. Is this a major cause of "uncleanness phobia"?

Psychological experts say that it is a good habit to talk about hygiene, but it should not be excessive. If the hope is to wipe out all the bacteria in every place, it will be a bit too much to wash out the hands to remove the bacteria. He suggested that people reflect on their living habits.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of the issues that women are most likely to be afraid of. Today we will introduce the issues that women are most likely to be afraid of. More topics about mental health will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. I wish you good health!