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Anxiety hidden behind happiness

Happiness or unhappiness, true happiness or pseudo happiness, is indeed a matter of opinion. However, from this perspective, it seems unreasonable that middle-class families in relatively developed areas have entered the state of "pseudo happiness".

In the author's opinion, the "pseudo happiness" shows the uncertainty of the middle class to the society and their own development, as well as their own destiny. The more profound social phenomenon hidden behind the "pseudo happiness" is that a state of anxiety pervades the society.

The direct reason for the "pseudo happiness" of the middle class is that they have to bear huge life pressure and risk expectation while their salary is relatively high. Soaring house prices, daunting medical expenses, and high unemployment rate & hellip; & hellip; are threatening the seemingly respectable lives of the middle class, making them anxious.

If we broaden our horizons, we will find that it is not just the middle class that fears the uncertainty of the future. In some areas, Matthew effect makes the distribution of social resources further concentrated in the hands of powerful groups. The anxiety of the public begins with some uneasy psychological tendency. If the factors that cause these uneasy psychological tendencies are not contained in time, some social problems may arise.

The growth of the middle class is an important factor in social stability. We must face up to the social anxiety behind pseudo happiness.