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How to do psychotherapy for lovelorn

Lovelorn can make people mature, no matter the view of love or the value of life, or even the way to treat love in the future, but there are often many people who distort their spirit and do very reasonable things after lovelorn. In fact, this is an unhealthy psychology. What should psychological adjustment do to treat lovelorn?

The negative psychological behaviors of psychotherapy for lovelorn mainly include: grief, anger and despair, strong sense of revenge, self abasement, and anger to others or things. These unprovoked behaviors often lead to the extreme behavior of the lovelorn, which greatly affects the work and learning mood of the lovelorn.

How to do psychotherapy for lovelorn

1. Reasonable release of depressed mood, such as through to friends or relatives, friends to tell sadness and trouble, or writing hard, let emotion vent in the pen.

2. Carry out emotional transfer, think about it from another angle, and then from self blame, self hate to swear to correct shortcomings, to find new love with a new attitude.

3. It's smart to transfer the environment, change the environment immediately after the lovelorn, temporarily separate from the scenes, things, people and scenes that can touch the painful memories of love.