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Different psychological performance of men and women after lovelorn

Have you ever been lovelorn? What's your feeling after lovelorn? Many sad love songs describe the situation of lovelorn. The psychological performance of men and women after lovelorn is also different. The blow and pain people suffer in lovelorn often make people feel miserable. Because of the psychological imbalance caused by lovelorn, there are many men who end their lives in extreme ways. But recently, according to the latest research of a university in the UK, the more times a man is lovelorn, the healthier he is mentally.

After the break-up, depression and depression are normal phenomena, but women recover from emotional injury much longer than men, and women's mental health will continue to deteriorate with the increase of break-up times. Men, on the other hand, who have had two or more breakups, are in excellent psychological condition and even healthier than other men.

Couples with stable relationship have healthy mentality

Research shows that: the degree of male mental health is directly proportional to the number of Breakups

Researchers from the research group of 'the impact of breakup on mental health of men and women' at Queen Mary College London University found that women are more likely to suffer from psychological problems such as anxiety than men in cohabitation when only considering the impact of sexual relationship on mental health. The reason may be that women are more likely to feel lack of money and property security, while men are more likely to feel lack of money and property security It's about whether you're going to be locked up for the rest of your life.

Although the research results show that the effects of breaking up on men's and women's mental health are quite different, the standards of the two couples' mental health when they reach the best state at the same time are consistent with the traditional understanding, that is to say, the mental health of the people who have stable sexual relationship or happy family is often in the best state; On the contrary, painful breakup is the main cause of mental health, especially for women. '