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Are gentle women more likely to get a promotion?

People have always believed that in this male dominated world, women should 'behave like a man' in order to succeed in their career. However, according to the latest report of foreign media, a new study by scientists from George Mason University in the United States has found that if women want to succeed, they must abandon this view and resist the temptation to behave like men. A number of studies have shown that aggressive women who show fortitude and self-confidence are generally less likely to be promoted than gentle women who show femininity.

The latest research may upset feminists, but it does find that the best way to succeed among men is to act like a lady. This finding coincides with an earlier study. Early studies have shown that women with self-confidence, determination and other personality traits closely related to successful management in the workplace often lose to gentle opponents when they are promoted. It is believed that although these personality traits are widely respected among men, if they are expressed in women, they will lead to the results of 'lack of femininity' and 'loss of loveliness'.

The new study involved 80 young people who were studying for a master's degree in business administration. Eight years later, the researchers revisited the participants' career progress. The survey found that some people get five promotions, while others get only one or two. The chances of being promoted of 'masculine' women with tough work style and self-confidence are significantly less than that of 'gentler' women. Women who pay attention to their masculine characteristics and strive to control themselves are more likely to be promoted than those who expose their tough character. An early study in the United States also found that aggressive or showy women have the lowest success rate in job hunting.

Dr Olivia & middot; O'Neill, who led the new study, said women who showed a gentle side were more likable. It is suggested that those 'resolute and self-confident' women should not always show this character. They should grasp the 'degree', be gentle when they should be gentle, and be tough when they should be tough.