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What if there are small cockroaches at home? Common sense of rooting

It is necessary to find out where cockroaches come from. If they climb in from windows, crevices and other places, it is best to sprinkle cockroach trapping and killing agents on windows, crevices and other places. If the poor home environment leads to cockroach breeding, comprehensive cleaning should be carried out, and cockroach trapping and killing agents should be sprinkled on kitchens, toilets and other places. What to do with small cockroaches at home? Common sense cockroaches have strong vitality and strong reproductive ability. Once cockroaches are found, they must be eliminated in time to avoid breeding more cockroaches.

Cockroaches like to live in warm, humid, food rich and multi gap places. They must keep their homes clean and tidy. Domestic garbage should be thrown away every day and cleaned regularly.

Cockroaches are omnivorous insects, especially like bread, rice, pastries, drinks and other foods. When these foods cannot be eaten, they should not be exposed to the air and should be sealed. (JiaLiYouXiaoZhangLangZenMeBanNengChuGenChangShi)