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Elimination of fatty liver by diet therapy

Many middle-aged and elderly people without any symptoms, even some young people, were told that they had fatty liver during B-ultrasound examination. Therefore, these patients anxiously asked the doctor: "how to treat fatty liver?" the key to treatment is to reduce weight, focus on diet control, and at the same time, to strengthen physical exercise, often carry out outdoor exercises.

1. No alcohol.

2. Choose fat free milk or yogurt.

3. Eat no more than 2 yolks a day.

4. Do not use animal oil; the total amount of vegetable oil is not more than 20g.

5. Do not eat animal viscera (i.e. water and offal), chicken skin, fat meat, fish roe and crab roe.

6. Avoid fried food.

7. Don't eat chocolate.

8. Eat less oil soy products and gluten.

9. Eat 500 grams of fresh green vegetables every day.

10. After eating fruit, you should reduce the amount of staple food. If you eat a big apple, you should reduce the staple food by 50g.

11. Yam, sweet potato, taro potato, etc. should be exchanged with staple food rice and flour, and the total amount should be limited.

12. The daily intake of salt is limited to 5-6G.

13. Green onion, garlic, ginger and pepper can be eaten, but not more.

14. Often eat fish, shrimp and other seafood.

15. Fat reducing foods include: coarse grains such as oats and millet, green fresh vegetables such as black sesame, black fungus, kelp, falai and cauliflower.

16. Eat less dinner and avoid adding food before going to bed.

17. Every day with hawthorn 30 grams, cassia seed 15 grams, water 1000 ml instead of tea.

18. If fatty liver causes abnormal liver function or elevated transaminase, lipid-lowering drugs, enzyme lowering drugs and fish oil health products should be taken under the guidance of doctors, but not too much.