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How should the nursing of liver disease patients be carried out

How should liver disease patients be nursed? Rest is the most important basis of health care treatment for hepatitis patients. Practice has proved that inattention to rest is the most common reason for hepatitis patients to become chronic and relapsed. Rest is not doing housework, not playing cards and walking, but lying in bed. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "when people move, blood will return to the meridians, and when people lie down, blood will return to the liver". Adequate blood supply to the liver is not only conducive to the recovery of liver cells, but also increases the local immune capacity of the liver. Wanchangjian, Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Xintai people's Hospital

Diet should be avoided is also very important, to have a preliminary knowledge of nutrition, general chronic liver disease to do not partiality, pay attention to five grains for nourishment, five fruits for help, five meat for filling, reasonable and balanced diet.

Do not stop taking medicine too early. Many patients do not understand the law of hepatitis treatment, thinking that as long as the liver function recovers or the virus index initially drops, everything will be fine, and the medicine will be stopped suddenly. The result will be repeated quickly. This lesson is also very profound. Therefore, we should use medicine scientifically according to the doctor's advice to make the disease recover completely.

Don't seek medical treatment or use drugs indiscriminately. At present, there is no specific drug for the treatment of viral hepatitis in the world. All kinds of Chinese and Western medicines have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, under the guidance of specialist doctors and according to their specific conditions, drug use should be targeted. At present, the better treatment is still based on syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine.