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Hepatitis B patients may die if they eat at random

Because of the fast pace of modern life, people often ignore the requirements of diet. In fact, from the morning you drink the first glass of water, the day's food life has begun. What kind of nutrition do vegetables of different colors contain? How to reasonably mix meat and vegetable for three meals in the morning, middle and evening?

In the folk, there is a saying of "what to eat and what to make up". However, based on years of clinical experience, I would like to remind hepatitis B patients that it is better not to "make up the liver" by eating pig liver or other animal liver.

This is because the liver is the largest detoxifying organ for human and animals. Most of the toxins in animals are processed by the liver. Most of the purchased animal livers contain various toxins. Due to the damage of liver function, it is difficult to decompose these toxins in time, which will increase the burden on the liver and affect the recovery of liver disease. Liver is also an important immune organ and 'chemical processing factory', which can produce a variety of hormones, antibodies and immune cells, which are often harmful to allogeneic.

In addition, the copper content in the liver of animals is very high. Due to the poor liver function, patients with liver disease can not coordinate the balance of copper in the body. Too much copper will accumulate in the liver and brain tissue, causing jaundice, anemia, cirrhosis, ascites, and even death due to liver coma.

At present, it is considered that "high protein" and "sufficient calories" are the basic principles of diet and nutrition treatment for patients with liver disease. This principle must also be properly adjusted according to the condition, such as the severity of the disease, the active stage of liver disease and the late stage of liver disease, then high protein diet should not be used.