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How to make Yanggan Buxue Decoction? Yanggan Buxue Decoction

How to make Yanggan Buxue Decoction? Yanggan Buxue Decoction. Winter is suitable for tonic. How to nourish the liver and blood? Recently, the winter solstice has just passed. We should seize the opportunity to make tonic in winter. Today, I'll teach you to make a Yanggan Buxue Decoction.

[celery red jujube soup] ingredients: 400g celery, 12 red jujubes and 3 pieces of ginger.

1. Wash the ingredients separately;

2. Remove the core of red jujube and cut celery into small pieces for use;

3. Add 200ml of clean water into the pot, add ginger and jujube, turn the fire down after boiling for about 10 minutes;

4. Put celery, change to medium heat, roll until just cooked, and add salt and oil.

The soup is clear, sweet, fresh and moist. It has the effect of soothing the liver, benefiting the gallbladder and strengthening the spleen. It is suitable for men, women, old and young. It can be drunk by 3 ~ 4 people.

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