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Winter diet for patients with liver cirrhosis

Winter diet for patients with liver cirrhosis. Dietary conditioning program for patients with liver cirrhosis in winter. What dietotherapy medicated diet does liver cirrhosis patient eat in winter? Experts suggest that patients with liver cirrhosis can be supplemented by the following food therapy methods

1. For Yu Li Ren porridge, take 10-15g Yu Li Ren and 50g japonica rice. First mash Yu Li Ren, add 500ml water, fry to 400ml, filter the juice, cook porridge in japonica rice, and take it warm every morning and evening

2. Stew soft shelled turtle with yam and longan. Take 30g of yam tablets, 15g of longan meat and 1 soft shelled turtle (about 500g). Kill the soft shelled turtle, wash and remove the miscellaneous intestines, put it into the pot with yam and longan, add 1000ml of water, stew until cooked, and take it warm every morning and evening

3. Steamed medlar round fish take 1 round fish (about 500 ~ 700g), 30g medlar fruit, 10g Shuikou mushroom, and an appropriate amount of auxiliary materials (refined salt, monosodium glutamate, scallions, ginger slices, cooking wine and clear soup). Remove the miscellaneous intestines of the round fish, wash and cut them into pieces, rinse them in boiling water, steam them in a cage with medlar fruit, Shuikou mushroom and auxiliary materials until they are well cooked. Once every other day, eat meat and drink soup

4. Stew hen with Angelica sinensis. Take 15 grams of Angelica sinensis, 15 grams of Codonopsis pilosula, 1 hen (about 1000 grams), an appropriate amount of green onion, ginger, cooking wine and salt. Wash the hen, put Angelica sinensis and Codonopsis pilosula into the chicken belly, put it in a sand pot, add water into the seasoning. After boiling on a high fire, use a slow fire to simmer until rotten, eat meat and drink soup

5. For white gourd carp soup, take 150g white gourd and 1 carp. Wash the carp, wash and cut the white gourd into pieces, put it into the pot, add water to cook, eat meat and drink soup. 6. Take 50g kelp, 15g litchi core, fennel and green skin, add water to cook and drink once a day

6. Orange cake egg soup take 30g orange cake, 2 eggs and 250g fresh Tianjihuang (100g dry product). Add water to cook the first three flavors until the eggs are cooked and shelled, and then cook for a while. Drink soup and eat eggs and orange cakes once a day for 10 days. 8. Wolfberry jujube egg soup take 15g wolfberry, 8 jujubes and 2 eggs. Cook the first three flavors together, remove the shells when the eggs are cooked and cook for a while, season, drink soup and eat eggs once every other day for 2 weeks

Life conditioning of patients with liver cirrhosis


Liver is the main hub of human metabolism and protein synthesis. When hepatocytes are separated by proliferative fibrous tissue and form nodular pseudolobules, that is, liver cirrhosis, it will lose the normal relationship between various blood vessels, cause nutritional disorders in hepatocytes, and lead to incomplete compensation of liver function, resulting in a series of physiological diseases, such as endocrine disorders and protein inversion & hellip& hellip; If overloaded physical activity will increase the burden on hepatocytes and aggravate the development of the disease. Therefore, patients in the compensatory period should not overwork, while patients in the decompensated period should stay in bed, so as to protect the liver

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the winter diet for patients with liver cirrhosis. More topics about diet for liver cirrhosis will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!