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How does allergic rhinitis treat rhinitis best method

For a long time, due to the lack of effective treatment, 98.76 million patients with allergic rhinitis around the world have been forced to endure the torment of allergic rhinitis for a long time. Their work and study have been affected, and their memory has gradually declined. The whole person seems to be 10 years old, can't remember anything, and his temper has become bad, because the whole life of allergic rhinitis is in a mess. So how to treat allergic rhinitis? What is the best method that treats rhinitis? Let's take a look at the folk prescription for allergic rhinitis compiled by 1. Nasal washing with salt water cured my rhinitis

I have been suffering from rhinitis for many years, and I have lost the confidence to cure it. Last year, I got one prescription occasionally: prepare salt water (two spoons of salt in a 100ml bottle, diluted with boiling water), roll a cotton ball on a toothpick and dip it in salt water to wash my nostrils, then leave the cotton wool in my nostrils temporarily. At this time, I can lean my head or lie flat, press both sides of my nose with my index finger and thumb, and suck hard, so that the salt water dipped in the cotton ball flows into my nose and then into my throat. At the beginning, I feel spicy and intolerable in the nose. I can adapt to it several times. I can also wash it with lighter salt water and gradually thicken it to make the nasal cavity adapt slowly. I insist on washing my nose once in the morning and once in the evening. After more than a month, my nasal cavity is smooth and my sense of smell is sensitive. My rhinitis has been cured for many years. 

2. Huaihuami can treat atrophic rhinitis

A colleague was diagnosed as atrophic rhinitis, she created a method of treatment, the effect is remarkable. When you wash your face in the morning and evening, use your little finger dipped in running water to clean the nostrils, remove the scab and secretions in the nasal cavity. After fully exposing the nasal mucosa, apply cotton swab or finger dipped in commercially available Sophora honey evenly on the affected part of the nasal cavity. She insisted on her own treatment for more than two months, the nasal cavity has no itching, no hernia like secretions, smell also returned to normal. 

3. Treatment of rhinitis with garlic

I suffer from rhinitis, after years of treatment, no obvious effect. Good times and bad times. After the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine introduced a cure, after the introduction to many people with this prescription has obvious effect. Mash a clove of garlic, wrap it in a clean bean bag, squeeze out the garlic juice and drop it into each nostril for two drops (the irritation was very painful at that time), then press the nasal fan by hand to make it stick to the garlic juice in the nostril. The light one time, and the heavy two times will be cured (editor's note: garlic is highly irritant, please try from a small amount; garlic allergy is forbidden). 

4. Treatment of paranasal sinusitis with Luffa vine

I am a patient with paranasal sinusitis. I used many methods to treat it, but the effect was not good. After that, we got one side occasionally and got better curative effect. The method is: find the old Luffa vine several meters, bask in the sun, cut into thin sections, and then put on the tile baked to semi coke (do not paste), and then on the panel, grind into broken noodles, put into the bottle for standby. When using, clean the nasal mucus, wipe the nasal cavity with a clean cotton ball, and then use a thin plastic tube (such as a small tube for drinking yogurt). Let the family help to blow the towel gourd vine powder into the nasal cavity, and then use a dry cotton ball to plug the nostrils. This method is best used before going to bed at night. It can be cured for several days. 

5. Treating rhinitis with cold water

In 1975, I had sinusitis. It was serious. A bottle of Bijing in two days is not enough. As long as the drug is stopped, the nostrils will not be ventilated immediately. It can't be cured for a long time. At this time, a Doctor Zhang said a folk prescription: wash your face without hot water, use cold water, hold the cold water from the water pipe in the palm of your hand, cover your nose, suck the cold water into your nostrils, then blow it out, then hold the water in, then blow it out, several times a day. I used this cold water therapy for 10 days, and my sinusitis was cured. Over the past 20 years, I have never stopped using cold water therapy, and I have never suffered from sinusitis again. 

6. Erythromycin tetracycline eye ointment for rhinitis

Apply erythromycin or tetracycline eye ointment on the sterilized cotton swab, extend it into the nasal cavity and evenly apply the ointment, twice a day. Generally, rhinitis can be cured in 3 to 5 days without sequelae. 

7. Jogging cured my sinusitis

I am 49 years old. More than 30 years ago, I fell into the root of sinusitis due to a bad cold. Since then, the nasal cavity has been blocked, no smell can be heard, and headache often occurs. I've taken all kinds of rhinitis drugs, bought rhinitis therapeutic apparatus, done puncture, and had surgery, but they didn't play a big role. In 1985, a friend told me that running can relieve the pain of rhinitis. I began to jog every morning or evening for 40 minutes. After two months, my condition improved and I persisted. In less than two years, my sinusitis was completely eradicated. Now, I've changed from jogging to walking. For more than ten years, I have been persisting in it. Even commuting has changed from cycling to walking.

8. Treatment of allergic rhinitis with sesame oil

I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis for seven years. As soon as I passed the beginning of autumn, I began to sneeze, runny nose, itchy nose and stuffy nose. When it was serious, I couldn't sleep at all. Last year, I got one prescription: sesame oil. After the test, the effect is quite good. Sesame oil is common edible sesame oil, three to five times a day, about five drops each time, into the nose. 

Note: don't drop it when the nasal congestion is serious. Change the position. Drop it after the nose is ventilated. Blow the nose clean before dropping. If we persevere, we will surely get results. It is said that this method is also very good for common rhinitis. 

9. Autonomous allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis mostly comes from cold. Abandon medicine to take exercise can be self-healing. 

The method is: insert the nostril into the cold water before washing the face every day, inhale gently to make the cold water fully contact with the nasal mucosa, and then exhale the water. This process is repeated for 1-3 minutes (you can raise your head for breath). After washing the face, rub the middle finger on both sides of the nose for about 20 times. Persistence is the key. The author uses this method not only to relieve the pain of wiping nose, but also to disappear the cold. 

10. Massage eye frame can cure rhinitis

When I was in my 30s, I got rhinitis. It's hard to bear. I didn't take any medicine or injections. As the saying goes: 'eyes hurt and nose hurt', so I tried to massage around my eyes with my fingers. When I massage to the bone of the eye frame under my eyes, I feel a little relaxed and a little rustle in my nasal cavity, so I work hard on this part. After a period of time, it really relieved my pain. More than 40 years later, it never recurred. I have told others about this method, and the effect is very good. 

The method is: press the index finger of both hands on the edge of the eye frame bone under the two eyes, there is a very shallow pit, use some force to rub up and down for one or two hundred times, no less than twice a day, and stick to it for a period of time. 

11. Treat rhinitis with Scallion

Although rhinitis is not a serious disease, but often nasal congestion, runny nose, will also bring a lot of inconvenience to the patient's daily life. Taking medicine for a long time is not only harmful to the body, but also not very effective. I used to be a patient with rhinitis. I have been suffering from it for several years. I have been treating it. I took a lot of drugs, but the curative effect is not good, so I have been very distressed. 

A few years ago, I occasionally got a folk earthwork, which is convenient and easy to operate, and has no side effects. I finally cured my rhinitis with this prescription. Now I will provide it to the majority of patients with rhinitis, we might as well have a try. 

The medicine for treatment is very common, which is the scallion we usually use for cooking. The specific production method is: fresh scallion, wash, take scallion white, mash, put a few small groups of nail size cotton soak scallion juice standby. During the treatment, clean the nostrils with cotton swab dipped in light saline, and then insert the small cotton ball soaked in Scallion juice into the nostrils for a few minutes. At the beginning, it feels pungent and gradually loses its irritation. When the effect disappears, replace it with a new cotton ball. 

Half an hour to about an hour at a time. Two or three times a day, for convenience, you can prepare more onion juice, seal it with plastic wrap, do it when you have time, treat it and do other things at the same time, it doesn't affect your normal life at all, so it's very convenient. 

In my own practice, this earthwork has the best effect on acute rhinitis. I've been suffering from acute rhinitis for nearly half a year. I've only been treated with this medicine for a week, and it's obviously improved. After that, every time I caught a cold, I used this as an adjuvant treatment. Later, I completely recovered from rhinitis. 

I continue to introduce to the rhinitis patients I met, and often see miraculous effects. Acute rhinitis is the fastest, and chronic rhinitis patients who have been treated for many years will gradually improve their symptoms. Now I will introduce this experience to you. I hope that the majority of patients with rhinitis can get rid of the trouble of rhinitis as soon as possible.

12. Garlic vinegar can cure rhinitis quickly

Cut off the root skin of the garlic, put it into the wine jar, fill it with vinegar, immerse the garlic, and then seal it. One month later, the seal was opened, and garlic vinegar was put on the bottle while eating garlic, and smoked for half an hour on both noses every night. It can treat allergic rhinitis. Patients might as well try. 

In addition, the United States pharmacologists pointed out that garlic can reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, the role is a unique spicy allicin. According to the research, alliin and alliinase in garlic are independent of each other. Under the action of alliinase exuding from vinegar, alliin decomposes and forms a colorless volatile oily liquid, namely allicin. Japanese scholars found that garlic is rich in natural anti-cancer trace elements selenium and germanium, which has strong anti-cancer effect. 

In addition, vinegar has four functions: ① relieving fatigue. ② Prevent arteriosclerosis. ③ Kill pathogenic bacteria. ④ Beauty. 

13. Cold water nasal spray for allergic rhinitis

Since the early 1970s, I have been suffering from severe allergic chronic rhinitis. At about 5 o'clock every morning, I begin to have a stuffy nose and runny nose. Usually, if I have a stuffy nose, I have a premonition that the weather will change. When the weather changes, I suddenly get a cold, cough, stuffy nose and runny nose, which makes me feel uncomfortable and affects my work and life. At that time, I used to take a variety of treatment methods, such as jute, biyanjing, Yingxiang point physiotherapy, and rhinitis medicine, which only played a temporary relief role. Some doctors still think that my nasal curvature needs surgical correction, but I can't make up my mind; others say that chronic rhinitis can cause malignant lesions if it takes too long. What to do? I feel scared, helpless, resigned and unwilling. In order to relieve the pain, every morning when I have a stuffy nose, I use my thumbs to massage the Yingxiang acupoints on both sides of my nose. When I get up to brush my teeth and wash my face, I use my palms to spray water on my nose. At the beginning, I feel a little pain. After a long time, it not only doesn't hurt, but also can promote the nasal passage. If the weather gets cold and there is a little stuffy nose, I drip a little nose and eyes clean. It's amazing! In this way, I persist for several years, and my nose doesn't work Stuffy, cold South, weather changes, I basically do not have a cold runny nose, the morning is no longer stuffy runny nose. I haven't used biyanjing in the last seven or eight years, and I haven't taken any rhinitis medicine. Persisting in cold water nasal spray cured my allergic chronic rhinitis, which is a real fact. 

Saliva cured my allergic rhinitis. I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis for more than ten years. I went to the hospital for treatment many times. I had ear acupuncture and medicine, but it was invalid. Once I woke up in the middle of the night when I had a continuous attack. Because my nasal cavity was dry and itchy, I wiped it with saliva (there was slight pain on the surface of the nasal cavity after wiping). Several times later, my nasal cavity began to become infatuated, and the allergic symptoms disappeared after infatuation. With the self shedding of Jiechi, the allergic rhinitis cured at the end of many years is miraculously cured. 

15. Treating rhinitis with green moss

When it rains heavily, the grass and trees grow in the valley. Scrape them off with a spatula, put them in a bowl and soak them for half a day. After washing, soak them in a water bowl and set them aside. Roll the green moss with a single layer of gauze, which is slightly thinner than your nostrils, and then put it into your nostrils. When you sleep at night, plug one nostril, and then plug another nostril the next night, until you run out of green moss. It can be basically cured