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What are the food therapy methods to prevent and regulate tinnitus?

What are the food therapy methods to prevent and regulate tinnitus? How to avoid the trouble of tinnitus? How to prevent tinnitus? Although there is no special prevention and care for tinnitus, according to the traditional Chinese medicine, we should pay attention to the diet or "eat" tinnitus.

1. Reduce fat intake

A large amount of fat food intake will increase blood lipids, blood viscosity and cause arteriosclerosis. The inner ear is the most sensitive to blood supply disorders. When blood circulation disorders occur, it will lead to the lack of auditory nerve nutrition, resulting in deafness.

The total daily fat intake of middle-aged people should be controlled at about 40g. They should eat less fat rich foods such as animal viscera, fat meat, cream, egg yolk, caviar and fried foods.

2. Eat more iron rich food

Iron deficiency is easy to harden red blood cells, reduce the ability to transport oxygen, lack of nutrient supply in the ear, which can damage the function of hearing cells and lead to hearing loss. Iron supplementation can effectively prevent and delay the occurrence of tinnitus and deafness in middle-aged and elderly people.

The daily intake of iron should not be less than 12 mg for people over 45 years old, regardless of gender.

Porphyra yezoensis contains 46.8 mg of iron per 100 grams of Porphyra yezoensis, 16.5 mg of shrimp skin, 17.6 mg of jellyfish skin, 26.3 mg of black sesame, 12.6 mg of daylily, 11.9 mg of Auricularia auricula and 10.5 mg of amaranth. The iron content of coriander and agaric is second only to amaranth. The average iron content of bean products is about 4-6 mg.

3. Eat more zinc food

There are many factors leading to tinnitus and deafness in middle-aged and elderly people, and zinc deficiency is an important reason. The content of zinc in cochlea is much higher than that in other organs. However, the content of zinc in the cochlea of the elderly over 60 years old decreased significantly, which affected the function of the cochlea and led to hearing loss.

Every day should eat zinc rich food, such as fish, beef, chicken, eggs, all kinds of seafood, apples, oranges, walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, radish and so on.

4. Often eat the food with the function of promoting blood circulation

Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can dilate blood vessels, improve blood viscosity, and help to maintain the normal microcirculation of small blood vessels in the ear.

Can often eat black fungus, leek, red wine, rice wine, etc.

5. Form the habit of drinking milk

Milk contains almost all known vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E and carotene.

After reading the above contents, what are the food therapy methods to prevent and regulate tinnitus? This question should be understood. What are the food therapy methods to prevent and regulate tinnitus? Today we will introduce here. More topics about ear, nose and throat health will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. I wish you a happy life!