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How does ache inside ear do? What reason is ache inside ear?

What about the pain in the ear? What's the reason for the pain in the ear? Can water in the ear cause the pain in the ear? We often feel the faint pain in the ear. What's the reason? How to treat the pain in the ear?

Causes of pain in the ear:

1、 Otogenic earache

1. Auricular diseases: Auricular cartilaginitis, auricular dermatitis and eczema, auricular erysipelas, congenital abductor canal infection, external ear tuberculosis, auricular hematoma.

2. External auditory canal diseases: external auditory canal inflammation, external auditory canal furuncle, malignant external auditory canal inflammation, external auditory canal mycosis, external auditory canal bite embolism, external auditory canal cholesteatoma, external auditory canal trauma, ear canal obstructive keratosis.

3. Middle ear diseases: bullous tympanitis, acute suppurative otitis media, acute attack of chronic suppurative otitis media, trauma of tympanic membrane, barotraumatic otitis media, acute mastoiditis, tuberculous otitis media, middle ear malignant tumor.

2、 Reflex earache

1. Ear disease: ear acute lymphadenitis, mumps.

2. Nasal diseases: acute sinusitis, maxillary sinus cancer.

3. Oral and pharyngeal diseases: pericoronitis of wisdom teeth, ulcer at the base of tongue, acute tonsillitis, after tonsillectomy, pharyngeal tumor, pharyngeal abscess, pharyngeal ulcer.

4. Laryngeal diseases: laryngeal nucleus, hypopharyngeal cancer, styloid process is too long.

3、 Neuropathic earache

1. Glossopharyngeal neuralgia;

2. Geniculate ganglion pain;

3. Supralaryngeal neuralgia;

4. Cervical plexus pain;

How does ear ache to do inside?

If the skin of the external auditory canal is damaged by ear digging and infection occurs, the symptoms of patients with external auditory canal furuncle are severe, which often affects mouth opening, chewing and sleep. In severe cases, there may be low fever, constipation and general discomfort. When the external auditory canal furuncle was not penetrated, there was only a slight sense of moisture in the ear canal; purulent secretion flowed out after the perforation, and the pain was also significantly alleviated. In the early stage of furuncle, hot towel can be applied to the ear to help dissipate the inflammation. Boils such as broken out of pus, should be cleaned in time, so as not to block the ear canal pus scab, hinder drainage.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the problem of how to deal with the pain in the ear? What's the cause of the pain in the ear? What's the cause of the pain in the ear? Today we'll introduce here. More topics about ear health will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. I wish you good health!