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Causes and prevention of deafness

Health tips: what are the causes and prevention methods of deafness? What factors can cause hearing loss? Do you understand? Let's take a look at the details below.

● 20% of young people have mild hearing loss, and most of them often listen to music with headphones.

The hearing damage caused by wearing earphones is just like boiling frogs in warm water. At the beginning, they don't feel it, but they are usually found to be serious.

The general effect of sudden deafness is good within one week, and it is difficult to recover if it is more than one month.

Four listening killers

1、 Tension and fatigue

Mr. Zhang of 46 is at the height of his career. During the Chinese new year, he can't help rubbing mahjong. That day, he suddenly felt dizzy on the mahjong table, and there was a machine like boom in his ears. However, Mr. Zhang had to go to rest first. The next day, dizziness is better, but two ears as if filled with water, listening to other people's talk, feel urn sound, simply can't hear what to say. In the family's persuasion, he went to a nearby hospital to prescribe some medicine, but after two days, not only was it not good, almost no sound was heard in his right ear.

The examination in the hospital found that the tympanic membrane of both ears was normal, and the right ear could not be measured at 2000 ~ 8000Hz. It belongs to severe sensorineural hearing loss, and the left ear is moderate nerve deafness. After treatment, Mr. Zhang's left ear returned to normal hearing range. Although his right ear improved, his hearing was still not detected at 8000Hz.

2、 Disco and noise

Ms. Li is a salesman and often entertains customers. One night, she took a few clients to the disco and went home only after one o'clock in the morning. The sound of music was still ringing in Miss Lee's ears the next day. After the hospital Hearing Center test, she suffered from severe noise deafness. Miss Li made a decision and was hospitalized immediately. After a week, her hearing returned to normal.

3、 Wearing headphones

The 20-year-old was a student of a Medical University in Guangzhou. Ever since I bought MP3 player, Xiao Zeng has been listening with headphones. English, music & hellip; & hellip; he spends more and more time wearing headphones, listening to them in the bus and sleeping. However, contrary to his wishes, Xiao Zeng's English listening is getting worse and worse.

At first he thought it was because he listened to more music. However, later, he spent more time listening to English, but his grades still failed. Later, he went to the hospital for examination and found that the hearing of both ears was obviously decreased. At some frequencies, even the hearing could not be measured. What's worse, because of the long time, it is difficult to return to normal level after timely treatment.

4、 Making mobile phone porridge

With the reduction of mobile phone charges, the former popular "phone congee" has become "mobile phone porridge". Especially for lovers in love, it is very common to cook for an hour every day. Professor Guo said that many people have such experience. When they talk on a mobile phone for more than half an hour, they will feel a fever or even a little pain in one ear. In fact, this is caused by radiation from mobile phones.

The human inner ear is very delicate, and electromagnetic waves can make hair cells denatured, especially in places with poor signal. In order to keep talking, the mobile phone will automatically increase the transmission power, which is especially harmful to the inner ear. "Some patients have been using their mobile phones for too long. After hanging up, they find that there is a lump of cotton in their ears, which is buzzing. When they go to the hospital for examination, they are hearing impaired. '