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The harm of acute rhinitis to people should not be ignored

Acute rhinitis is an acute inflammatory disease of nasal mucosa, also known as' cold 'and' cold '. It seems that a cold is not noticeable, but it can cause diseases such as repeated attacks for a long time. The harm of acute rhinitis needs to be actively prevented. Is the harm of acute rhinitis big? Is acute rhinitis a cold? Many patients have doubts in their hearts, so in the end, what harm does acute rhinitis have? How to prevent it? Here we will give you a brief introduction.

The harm of acute rhinitis is very great, active prevention and treatment is very important, especially in winter, which is a high incidence season, acute rhinitis is easy to be infected, and people with good physical resistance may be lucky to avoid, but for friends with poor health, we should pay attention to it, so the prevention of acute rhinitis is particularly important.

1. During acute rhinitis, anti cold drugs should be used to eliminate inflammation as soon as possible to avoid complications.

2. Patients with acute rhinitis should rest more, and it is better not to contact others for a long time to avoid infection.

3. In normal life, pay attention to the light diet, do not eat tobacco and alcohol, do not eat spicy goods.

4. If the condition is not improved, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination in time, especially if the white blood cells increase, antibiotics should be taken to effectively prevent complications.

For those suffering from acute rhinitis friends, must be actively treated, acute rhinitis treatment period is basically about a week, about a week to give active treatment will be improved, if more than this period, the condition has worsened, it is necessary to consider whether to evolve into chronic rhinitis or acute, to reasonable treatment methods.