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Why can't my allergic rhinitis always be treated

I am a senior three student, got allergic rhinitis has been eight years, why my allergic rhinitis always can not be cured? Rhinitis has seriously affected my college entrance examination, why is my allergic rhinitis always not treated well?

Experts give you a detailed introduction, allergic rhinitis is a common disease, if the disease is not properly diagnosed or treated for a long time, 20-40% of patients can develop bronchial asthma. This disease is most likely to be misdiagnosed as a cold and delayed treatment, or even blind medication, or unnecessary surgery for patients, not only can not be cured, but will aggravate the pain of patients.

In the pathogenesis of allergic rhinitis, there are type I allergic reactions caused by allergens, there are also factors of plant nerve imbalance, and neuropeptides of sensory nerve terminals are the focus of research in the field of rhinology in recent years. Therefore, only one treatment can not achieve satisfactory results, and it is easier to relapse. Antihistamines such as kairetan and cetirizine are only symptomatic treatments. The same is true for sodium cromoglycate and ephedrine nasal drops. At present, local use of long-acting steroids is the most fashionable method. However, severe patients often form dependence on this drug.

Many patients have been treated with the above drugs for many years, but the disease is still the same or the disease is getting worse year by year, because they have not been treated for the cause of disease. According to the results of a large number of international authoritative medical literature, allergic rhinitis patients can generally achieve remission or complete removal of allergic rhinitis symptoms after one to three years of standardized allergen desensitization treatment. And can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.