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Postoperative nursing of nasal polyps can effectively reduce recurrence

The only way to treat nasal polyps is surgery, but surgery can not solve the fundamental problem. Postoperative recurrence is indeed a headache. At this time, not only the choice of surgery is the key, but also the care of nasal polyps is very important. So what are the methods of nasal polyp care?

Postoperative nursing measures of nasal polyp:

1. Keep breathing unobstructed and monitor vital signs.

2. Condition observation: the early detection of abnormal symptoms is the main time to rescue the patients. Therefore, the patients after general anesthesia should be supervised by a specially assigned person. If any abnormality is found, it should be handled in time and recorded in detail.

3. To adhere to local medication: local use of hormone drugs can reduce the local inflammatory response, thereby reducing the recurrence rate, which is an important part of postoperative nursing of nasal polyps.

4. In order to ensure the effect of nasal polyp operation, we should visit the doctor regularly to find out the condition of the operation cavity. If necessary, we should clean up the operation cavity and remove the new granulation or vesicle. Some of the time of the follow-up should last for half a year.