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What should be paid attention to in orthodontic treatment?

What should be paid attention to in orthodontic treatment? The overall goal of orthodontic treatment should be coordination, stability and aesthetics. Because the patients don't know much about orthodontic knowledge and the whole situation of dental deformity, "aligning the front teeth" is the only complaint and treatment goal.

However, simple local alignment of teeth can not effectively change the facial appearance and jaw relationship. Therefore, as a regular orthodontic treatment, doctors should pay more attention to other malocclusions in the mouth while meeting the simple alignment, and coordinate the dental arch relationship, molar relationship and jaw relationship according to the patient's own conditions. We should try our best to seek the three-dimensional coordination of dental arch length, width and height, establish a good relationship between posterior teeth, improve the relationship between maxilla and mandible, lip shape and facial protrusion height for patients. Although these aspects are difficult to treat and need more time, they must be considered to meet the goal of 'harmonious, stable and beautiful' regular orthodontic treatment.

When a orthodontic doctor who has received formal training carries out serious and responsible orthodontic treatment for patients, it generally will not cause complications to patients. However, if doctors make mistakes in the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion, or improper operation in the treatment process, sometimes some problems will be caused. For example, it causes new malocclusion, aggravates the dysfunction of the original temporomandibular joint, and causes excessive tooth loosening or even tooth falling off.

In addition, in orthodontic treatment, especially the use of fixed appliances, if the doctor does not carry out serious oral health education to the patients, or the patients do not keep oral health according to the doctor's requirements, sometimes it will cause dental caries or periodontal disease. Orthodontic treatment is a very professional and sophisticated treatment technology, which generally takes about 2 years to complete. The initial measurement and design work determines the effect of orthodontic treatment, so we must go to a regular professional hospital for treatment. Therefore, correct diagnosis, orthodontic design and treatment, as well as the active cooperation of patients are the key to the success of orthodontic treatment. When you decide to correct your teeth, you should fully communicate with your doctor, consciously learn more about orthodontic knowledge, and choose a professional orthodontist.