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How should acute pulpitis be treated best?

How to treat acute pulpitis? Most of acute pulpitis occurs at night. If possible, you should go to the dental hospital nearby for emergency treatment. The most effective way is to open the pulp cavity of the diseased tooth and conduct pulp drainage, so as to discharge the exudates in the pulp cavity, reduce the pressure in the pulp cavity and relieve the pain.

If there is no condition to go to the hospital at that time, emergency treatment can be carried out at home. First of all, we need to find painful teeth. Generally, toothache is caused by 'carious teeth'. Dark brown cavities can be seen on the surface of the diseased teeth. The thinnest part of the bottom wall of the cavity can be pierced to the pulp cavity with a sterilized thick needle (which can be burned on the flame) to connect it with the oral cavity, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression and pain relief; Or with cotton ball dipped in pepper powder into caries hole can also work. These are temporary emergency measures, and ultimately to go to the stomatological hospital for careful examination, symptomatic treatment after a clear diagnosis, such as endodontic treatment, antibiotic treatment, etc. We must not assume that everything is all right just because it works for a while, otherwise the disease will develop to a more serious degree.