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How should oral cancer pay attention to diet?

Health tips: the occurrence of oral cancer is closely related to our daily diet. Unscientific and reasonable diet is easy to induce the occurrence of oral cancer. Similarly, diet is also the key to the cure of oral cancer patients. Appropriate diet can promote the treatment effect of oral cancer and relieve some of the patients' pain.

1. Hawthorn contains flavonoids, vitamin C, carotene and other substances, which can block and reduce the generation of free radicals, enhance the body's immunity, have anti-aging and anti-cancer effects, and also have good curative effect on oral cancer;

2. Lotus root has high nutritional value, rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements, plant protein, vitamins and starch content is also very rich, has obvious tonifying qi and blood, enhance human immunity;

3. Walnut can prevent arteriosclerosis and reduce cholesterol; in addition, walnut can also be used for the treatment of non insulin dependent diabetes; walnut has analgesic effect on cancer patients; walnut can also be used for the treatment of non insulin dependent diabetes;

4. Lycopene contained in tomatoes can help to kill abnormal cells, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, prevent the spread and metastasis of tumor, and has good prevention and treatment effect on oral cancer.

5. Carassius auratus contains high quality protein, complete, easy to digest and absorb, often eat can enhance disease resistance.

6. Mung bean soup, radish juice, watermelon juice and sugarcane juice can relieve the symptoms of dry mouth and red tongue, nourish yin and generate fluid, and reduce the side effects of radiotherapy.