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How should tooth appear defect to do

What should we do when teeth are damaged? Experts point out why dental implants are chosen for dental restoration? According to the survey, there are totally cases of dental implants that have been in good use for more than 30 years.

Complete denture and denture base are mounted on the gums because there is no root support. By the adsorption of oral saliva, the force on the dental mucosa is directly. However, some dentures with missing teeth are mostly supported by the adjacent teeth, and the adjacent teeth need to be retained by clasps or cut through the adjacent teeth to be retained by braces, so the adjacent teeth are vulnerable to damage. Because the artificial root (i.e. implant) is supported and retained by the jaw and implant in the patient's jaw, it has the following advantages compared with the radical denture

1. It has good stability and looks like real teeth.

2. Chewing food is no worse than real teeth.

3. Implant teeth because of small denture base. Therefore, it is beautiful and comfortable, and the implant has no base. It has no foreign body feeling and has little influence on pronunciation.

Dental experts remind: the problem of missing teeth can not be ignored, carefully choose the restoration method of missing teeth, authoritative hospital will be the best home for solving the problem of missing teeth.