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What is traumatic stomatitis

Do you know what causes stomatitis? Experts say that understanding the causes of diseases has a great effect on disease prevention.

1、 Mechanical factors

This is the most common cause of traumatic stomatitis, often forming traumatic ulcers. According to the different duration of stimulation, it can be divided into persistent and non persistent stimulation factors. The persistent stimulation factors include the residual crown, residual root and sharp tip after caries destruction, the sharp edge after wear, the clasp and sharp edge of the bad prosthesis, the overlong base plate, the friction between the tongue frenum and the new mandibular primary incisor for a short time, which are the factors that can cause the chronic traumatic damage in the oral cavity for a long time. Non persistent mechanical stimulation includes hard and crisp food (such as fried or baked hard food), pacifier made of hard rubber, bite when chewing carelessly, bristle when toothbrush is too old and irregular, improper brushing force, improper use of instruments by stomatologists, or other trauma, which can cause acute damage to oral mucosa.

2、 Chemical factors

The common chemicals are corrosive strong acids and bases. The oral treatment drugs phenol, silver nitrate, arsenic trioxide and so on contact the oral mucosa. Clinically, it is often seen in the mouth by mistake or improper use, sometimes it is self injurious.

3、 Physical factors

The thermal injury of oral mucosa is rare, sometimes it is caused by scalding of beverage, tea or food. Radiation over a certain dose on the whole body or head and face can cause damage to the whole body and oral tissue, resulting in acute radiation sickness and / or radiation stomatitis. The main change is inflammation. After the explosion of nuclear weapons in wartime, it is usually caused by radiotherapy of malignant tumors or radiation accidents in peacetime.