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What fruit can refresh your breath?

What fruit can refresh your breath? Foods containing a lot of vitamin C: berries, oranges, watermelons and other foods containing a lot of vitamin C can make the oral cavity form an environment that is not conducive to bacterial growth. Regular intake of vitamin C is also very useful for dental health. However, it should be noted that vitamin C should be taken from natural foods rather than food additives, because additives may cause digestive disorders.

Cellulose rich vegetables and fruits: including apples, carrots and celery. These vegetables and fruits help to secrete a lot of saliva. Saliva can not only wet the mouth, but also remove food residues attached to the teeth or stuffed between the teeth. These food residues are also one of the causes of oral odor

Parsley, a herb, is most helpful in eliminating the odor in the mouth, especially the smell of smoke. If you can't find parsley at hand, parsley and mint can also remove oral odor. For better results, chew these things as long as possible, or use them to make tea. In addition, these herbs are also good for digestion.

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