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Can chewing tea freshen your breath?

Can chewing tea freshen your breath? Can eating tea refresh your breath? Tea has the function of eliminating bacteria and can eliminate the main miscellaneous bacteria that form halitosis. Although drinking tea will also help eliminate bad breath, chewing tea has a greater miraculous effect.

Tea is rich in fluorine and tea polyphenols. Tea polyphenols have the effects of disinfection and sterilization. It can not only inhibit the growth of dental caries, but also enhance the acid resistance of enamel. Moreover, with the participation of fluorine, the acid resistance will be unexpectedly enhanced. In addition, the fluoride ion in tea has a good health care effect on teeth. It has a great affinity with the calcium of teeth, which is like adding a protective layer to teeth.

Fresh tea is directly put into the sensitive part of the teeth and chewed gently. If the tea residue is uncomfortable, you can chew the tea with low sugar gum two to three times a day, which not only helps to clean the mouth, but also eliminates bad breath as soon as possible.