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What is the reason for eating too much sour inverted teeth?

Once some people eat sour fruit, they will have the symptoms of weak teeth when biting or chewing food, while some people often cause toothache and discomfort even when eating sugar or sour, cold, hot and other irritating food. Medically, this is called tooth hypersensitivity or allergic dentin. Because 'acid' is the most obvious, it is also commonly known as' acid inverted teeth '.

Acid inverted teeth are mostly found in the incisional edge of anterior teeth, occlusal surface and neck of posterior teeth. The local causes of acid inverted teeth have been clear. Various tooth diseases that can cause dentin exposure, such as caries, tooth fracture, wedge-shaped defect, wear and tear, can cause tooth hypersensitivity. However, the causes of sensory hypersensitivity of whole teeth or most teeth caused by pregnant women or parturients, gastrointestinal diseases and after surgery, nutritional metabolism disorders and cardiovascular diseases are not very clear.

Acid inverted teeth caused by local causes can be treated with desensitization or filling to basically eliminate allergic symptoms. Acid inverted teeth caused by systemic factors are difficult to deal with. After desensitization treatment and symptomatic treatment, some symptoms can be alleviated or eliminated, and some treatment effects are not ideal.