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The most effective folk prescription for relieving toothache

The most effective folk prescription for relieving toothache. When our teeth ache, we dare not eat when we want to eat, and we can't sleep well when we want to sleep, which affects our daily life and work. Here are some folk prescriptions for toothache.

Mung bean litchi:

Mung bean is cool and litchi is warm. It can cure wind fire toothache. Grab a handful of mung beans, put seven shelled dry litchi, add water to cook the mung beans, and eat the litchi and mung beans together (spit out the litchi core).

Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine:

30 grams of dandelion, 15 grams of white peony and licorice, 3 grams of asarum, decocted in water, one dose a day, generally 3 doses. It is suitable for toothache caused by various reasons.

Chinese Baijiu

Take 5~10 grams of dried pepper, add water without drying pepper, cook for 3 minutes, and then add 50 grams of Baijiu after warming. After cool, filter the pepper water and pour it into a small bottle.

New cactus:

Take a piece of fresh and fat cactus, wash it with water, cut off the acupuncture on the surface, cut it into two pieces of the same thickness, and stick the side with pulp on the toothache part of the face. After a period of time, the symptoms can be relieved.

Watermelon green clothes:

Usually, collect several watermelon skins, cut only one layer of green clothes, wash them, expose them to the sun and night dew, grind them into fine powder after they are completely dry, put them into a bottle, go to the drugstore to buy 50 cents of borneol, and mix well with about 10 grams of watermelon green clothes powder. In case of toothache, wipe the affected area with a tampon dipped in an appropriate amount of watermelon Cuiyi powder, five or six times a day.