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What are the folk prescriptions for preventing and treating oral ulcer in winter

What are the folk prescriptions for the prevention and treatment of oral ulcer in winter? Oral ulcer is a common oral mucosal disease, also known as aphthous ulcer. The pain is very obvious when it occurs and can heal itself without treatment. There are also recurrent attacks, called recurrent oral ulcer. The fundamental way to cure oral ulcer is to enhance physical quality and immune ability.

Experts suggest that people suffering from oral ulcer should be optimistic and pay attention to their daily life; Maintain oral and skin hygiene, and adhere to regular brushing, mouthwash and bathing; Pay attention to smooth defecation and adequate sleep; Pay attention to nutrition matching, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to clean up the intestines and stomach, and avoid chewing gum, chocolate, tobacco, wine, coffee, hot food, spicy barbecue, fried products, etc. which are easy to cause or aggravate oral ulcer.

Now I'll introduce some food therapy methods for you, so that you can eat at ease and treat oral ulcer at the same time

Folk tips for treating 'aphthous ulcer'

1. Crystal sugar: when you have a long 'aphthous ulcer', contain several pieces of crystal sugar in your mouth, which has a certain effect on 'aphthous ulcer'.

2. Vitamin C tablets: take an appropriate amount of vitamin C tablets, fold them in half with a piece of paper, squeeze them into a surface with a hard object, and apply the drug surface to the affected area of aphthous ulcer. It is effective once or twice.

3. Yunnan Baiyao: apply Yunnan Baiyao on the affected area for 3 days.

4. Erguotou Wine: take a mouthful of Erguotou Wine in your mouth, and use gas to top the wine to the part of 'mouth sore'. After two or three minutes, swallow or spit it out. The pain disappears two or three times a day, and the 'mouth sore' will be cured in another day or two.

5. Zanthoxylum bungeanum oil: apply Zanthoxylum bungeanum oil fried in fragrant oil to the affected area to treat 'mouth sore'.

6. Scallion white skin: cut a thin layer of skin from scallion white with a knife, stick the juicy side inward to the affected area, 2 ~ 3 times a day, and it can heal in three or four days.

7. Honey: rinse your mouth with warm water after dinner, apply a spoonful of honey (preferably original honey) on the ulcer surface, swallow it after 1 ~ 2 minutes, and use it for 2 ~ 3 times to reduce the pain. Continuous treatment for two days can basically heal.

8. Liuwei Dihuang Pill: take a small piece from Liuwei Dihuang pill and put it on the affected area. Close your mouth for about 10 minutes. After two or three times, the sore can be reduced.

9. Eat chestnuts: often eat chestnuts, raw better, can cure oral ulcer. Tips for treating oral ulcer in winter

10. Honey gargle: gargle with 10% honey, which can reduce inflammation, relieve pain and promote cell regeneration.

11. Honey therapy: wash the mouth clean, then apply honey on the ulcer surface with a sterile cotton swab, and don't eat or drink temporarily after wiping. About 15 minutes, you can swallow it with honey and saliva, and then continue to wipe it. You can wipe it several times a day.

12. Zinc sulfate therapy: take zinc sulfate tablets or 12% zinc sulfate syrup. For adults, 40-80 mg each time, 3 times a day. Generally, it can be cured after continuous use for 5-7 days.

13. Auricularia auricula therapy: take 10 grams of white Auricularia auricula, black Auricularia auricula and hawthorn, fry in water, drink soup and eat Auricularia auricula, 1-2 times a day, which can cure oral ulcer.

14. Cocoa therapy: mix cocoa powder and honey into a paste, frequently contain pharynx, and treat oral inflammation and ulcer several times a day.

15. Chinese cabbage root therapy: take 60 grams of Chinese cabbage root, 15 grams of garlic sprouts and 10 Chinese dates, decoct them in water, 12 times a day, which can cure oral ulcer.

16. Rapeseed therapy: take 30g of white radish seed, 30g of mustard seed and 15g of scallion, mash them together and stick them on the foot heart once a day to treat oral ulcer.

17. Apple therapy: take an apple (pear can also be cut into pieces) and put it into a container. Add cold water (not over the apple or pear to be boiled) and heat it to boiling. After it is slightly cool, put it in your mouth together with the wine for a moment before eating. It can be cured after several days.

18. Walnut shell therapy: boil 30-50g walnuts twice, and take them once in the morning and evening every day.