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How to protect lips moist in autumn and prevent dry lips?

How to protect lips moist in autumn and prevent dry lips? Female friends all hope to have beautiful lips. When it comes to the standard of beautiful lips, it can be summed up as: soft, moist and rich. However, even if the facial skin care plus the beauty of women, but also often appear molting, dry situation. This is because the care for the lips is different from that for the rest of the face. So, what kind of damage will lips suffer? How to protect it?

Natural barrier lost: our lips only have 3-5 layers of keratinocytes, and the thickness is only 1 / 6 of the cuticle of the face. Because the lip can't secrete water and oil by itself, there is no protection of sebum layer, so the speed of water evaporation can reach as much as 6 times of that of facial skin. When the weather changes, sensitive lips are vulnerable to damage. Solution: help your lips build a 'barrier'. The simplest way is to make the lips moisten for a long time and efficiently. The healthy lips should be watery from the inside to the outside, with attractive color, as soft and bright as cherry.

Special remind: many women are used to slobber to feel moist when their lips are dry, but the habit of licking their lips should be changed: because this will not only wet lips, but will accelerate the evaporation of the lips, and should use the appropriate moisturizing lipstick to restore the moist feeling of the lips. In addition, drink plenty of water to provide enough water. If the drying is serious, you can apply some Vaseline or stick the cotton pad moistened with moisturizing lotion or moisturizer on your lips for 10 minutes, and make a convenient Lip Mask. Honey is widely used as a natural beauty material, and its natural moisturizing ingredients are very suitable for protecting lips. If the lips feel dry, you can also apply honey lightly on the lips.

There are many reasons for dry lips, the most common one is from the corner of the mouth, which is a lack of vitamins. You should eat more all kinds of food, especially fruits and vegetables. Another kind of dry lips is lack of water, or talk too much and dry mouth. At this time, there will be some waste skin piled in the corner of the mouth and where the lips merge. Once this happens, you should drink water in time and wash the lips clean. When dry lips are not serious, there will be lip skin up, at this time, do not use hands or forceps to tear, so easy to tear the lips, leading to pain and bleeding. You can use a small scissors to carefully cut off the skin on your lips in front of the mirror. Some lips are cracked, red and bleeding, which may be due to lack of nutrition, but it is related to dry weather. When the wind is hot or cold, the water on the surface of the skin is not enough, and the moisture is absorbed by the dry air. Some people put glycerin on their lips and think that it can moisten their lips. In fact, it's wrong. Because glycerin makes their lips drier, it's not suitable to use it.

In addition, pay more attention to change the habit of licking or moistening the lips with saliva, because it will evaporate the moisture of the lips themselves. Many women, especially girls, like to make this mistake, so their lips are often dry. According to beauty experts, most women with dry lips are related to dry skin, so they should focus on adding water and oil, and it is best to massage their lips frequently.

It is not difficult to massage the lips, and there is no need to spend special time. Just before going to bed every morning and evening, when applying the moisturizer, put a layer on the lips, and then gently massage the fleshy part of the finger to help promote blood circulation, make the lips get oxygen, increase nutrition, and make the moisturizer reach the subcutaneous skin of the lips quickly. After a few massage, wipe it off with paper, then apply a layer of colorless lip balm, and lips will become moist.

After reading the above content, you should know more about how to protect lips from moisture and dryness in autumn. More about how to prevent lips from dryness and keep lips moist in autumn. Sihai Xiaobian will continue to introduce it in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!