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These symptoms of eye disease must be treated immediately

These symptoms of eye disease must be treated immediately. The eye is the window of the soul, how to take good care of our window, do not let the disease have the opportunity to take advantage of it? If you have the following seven symptoms, please see a doctor immediately!

1. Vision loss

The complications include cataract, glaucoma, vitreous opacity, retinal detachment, macular hemorrhage and so on.

2. Inflammatory symptoms

Red pain, foreign body sensation, photophobia, secretions or epiphora, the cornea and conjunctiva on the outermost side of the eyeball are easy to be infected by virus due to exposure. Once inflamed, the conjunctiva will be congested and present & lsquo; red eye & gt;, and have left symptoms.

3. Pain and distension

Severe fashion has nausea, vomiting, headache and other symptoms, may be caused by high intraocular pressure, should immediately see a doctor to confirm whether there is glaucoma, or glasses degree, migraine and other factors.

4. Flying mosquito

Long term or short-term visual black spots and black lines interfere, and accompanied by flash and visual decline. Sometimes there will be harmless tissue debris in the vitreous body of the eye, resulting in visual black spots or black lines. If they are fixed for a long time like skin spots and nevi, they are relatively harmless; if they suddenly increase or become larger, they need to be noted.

5. Diplopia

It is common that two shadows appear on one object, which is caused by the inappropriate degree of glasses, but it may also come from systemic diseases, such as hyperthyroidism or myasthenia gravis;.

6. Exophthalmos

The obvious exotropia of normal people may be caused by high myopia, hyperthyroidism, or ocular soft tissue hyperplasia and edema, which oppress the eyeball and cause protrusion.

7. Tumor

Appear in the eyelids, conjunctiva, eye socket and other places, excessive sun, wind and eyes into the sand, may cause conjunctival degeneration, love the United States you should not be careless.