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How should the child appear cross eyed to do?

How should the child appear cross eyed? Cross eyed is called esotropia in medicine. In the process of the formation of binocular monocopia, infants are easily affected by external factors, resulting in one eye gazing at the target, the other eye deflection and can not look at the same target, thus resulting in strabismus. In medicine, when the eyeball looks at an object, it strabismus to the inside, which is also known as' cockfighting eye '.

Unless a child's eye disease is congenital, it is difficult to be diagnosed before the age of two. A child will have some cross eyed eyes. Take him to watch the distance and green, not computer TV, and he will get better. If you really want to do the examination, the eye hospital has instruments to diagnose cross eye, but it is recommended to do it only when you are two years old.

Cockeye is called esotropia in medicine. In infants, this phenomenon is mostly benign pseudoesotropia

1. Infants and young children's visual targets are closer, when they look at close objects, their eyes will be more focused, and the black eyes on both sides will move closer to the inside.

2. In infants, the nasal root between the eyes is wide, and the white part of the eye inside the eyeball is covered by the skin on the nasal side, so it seems that the black eyes are all on the nasal side of the eyeball.

This phenomenon will naturally recover after the baby is four or five years old.

be careful:

There are other conditions may also have esotropia, such as: cerebral neuropathy, atrophy and degeneration of one side vision, lateral ophthalmic muscle paralysis, intraocular lesions, etc.

The baby should be taken to an ophthalmologist for a detailed examination to remove the possible pathological esotropia.

If surgical correction is needed, the earlier the better, before the age of two.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the problem of how to deal with children's Cross eye. Today we will introduce here. More topics about eye health will continue to be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. I wish you good health!