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How to apply cold and hot compress to ocular trauma?

For the treatment of eye injuries, cold and hot compress can be said to be quite common, but when to use cold compress and when to use hot compress depends on different pathological changes, which is not the same. Otherwise, it does not play an auxiliary role in treatment, but aggravates the disease.

Generally, cold compress (i.e. ice compress) is used in acute stage, and hot compress is used in chronic phase. After eye trauma swelling or eyelid surgery, ice compress should be carried out immediately. Its purpose is to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

When chronic blepharitis, needle eye, chronic keratoconjunctivitis and other diseases, hot compress is the best. Because hot compress can promote the blood circulation of local tissues, relax the muscles around the eyes, and promote the absorption of inflammation.

Cold compress is to use cold towel or gauze to apply to the affected area, the time is generally 30 minutes each time, about four to six times a day. If there is a wound, cold compress on the wound should ensure that the towel is clean and avoid infection. And hot compress is to soak towel in warm water that is hotter than bath water, wring dry and applying on eyelid, and then change towel when it is cold. Hot compress for five to ten minutes at a time, about three to four times a day. If eye medicine is used, point the medicine after hot compress to increase the effect.

Cold compress and hot compress are only auxiliary and simple ways. If you have eye diseases, you must see a doctor and ask them to give them proper diagnosis and treatment.