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What reason is eye acerbity fuzzy? How to eliminate eye acerbity?

What reason is eye acerbity fuzzy? How to eliminate eye acerbity? When a person reads, writes or sews clothes for a long time and feels dizzy, he or she can sit in a chair quietly with his or her eyes slightly closed and his or her whole body relaxed. He or she can rub his or her hands together and cover his or her eyes gently so that two beams of light can enter his or her eyes. This is because the high potential generated by rubbing the hot hand contacts with the low potential of the eye, which can 'moisten' the eye and make it bright. After half a minute, rub and cover again, 4-5 times in this way. Finally, put down your hand, open your eyes slowly, and look into the distance for a while. Your eyes will feel much more relaxed and comfortable than before.

The eye is the most easily stimulated organ in human body. In addition to the eye closed rest, eye muscles at any time in a tense state. Some people have aging eyes after 3 years old, and many children in kindergartens wear glasses, which is mostly related to heredity.

When you feel tired eyes, in fact, the eye muscles are already severely overworked, which not only causes pain, but also causes unclear vision, headache, head weight, shoulder stiffness and other symptoms.

Eye fatigue can be divided into accommodative eye disease, muscle eye fatigue and nerve eye fatigue. In addition to nervous eye fatigue, the former two conditions may lead to myopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia with different degrees of left and right eyes. Stay up late or drink too much, will cause eye congestion; Overeating can sometimes lead to eye congestion. At this time, Hegu and fengzhengli had a warm feeling. Pressing the acupoints, twisting and twisting the blood vessels around the acupoints to make them contract can treat eye congestion.

Nervous eye fatigue and eye congestion, to immediately rest, and then do the following gymnastics, eliminate eye fatigue.

1 pressing eyeball

Close your eyes, with the index finger, middle finger, ring finger fingertip gently press the eyeball, you can also rotate gently. Can't last too long or rub and press hard, stop about 20 seconds.

2. Forehead pressing

Three fingers of both hands turn and rub from the center of forehead to the direction of left and right temples, and then press the temples with force. You can apply force with fingertips. So the fundus will feel comfortable. Repeat 3-5 times.

3. Pressing between brows

The belly of the thumb is attached to the concave place under the root of the eyebrow, and gently press or rotate it. Repeat three times. When you look at the distance with your eyes, turn your eyes in the direction of right up left down, and do not shake your head. In addition, blinking and closing eyes can also eliminate eye fatigue.

These methods can eliminate eye fatigue, make eyes fully rest, stimulate aging eye muscles and restore vitality. If the above exercise methods can be combined with eye hygiene and balanced diet, it will be better.

After reading the above content, what are the reasons for the sour and fuzzy eyes? How to eliminate the problem of sour eyes should be some understanding, more about the topic of sour eyes Sihai Xiaobian will continue to introduce in the next article, welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!