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How to deal with pollen allergy in field tour?

How to deal with the pollen allergy in the field tour of the 11th National Day? The National Day holiday is coming. Many people choose the outdoor scenery when they travel, but there is also the risk of pollen allergy. What should we do when we encounter pollen allergy in the field tour of the 11th National Day?

Replay: since she was a child, ah Ling had sensitive skin and didn't dare to touch flowers and plants. When she went back to visit her relatives last year, she had to go through a mountainous area. Sweating and sultry, she took off her coat and went to her relatives' home in the cool mountain wind. I didn't expect a red rash on my arms that night. The more I scratched, the more itchy.

Countermeasures: people in the cluster, inevitably 'philandering'. Pollen hypersensitivity is caused by the pollen of various trees, Artemisia or other plants, mostly in the respiratory tract and eyes. The disease is often accompanied by nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, nasal and systemic itching, symptoms similar to bronchial asthma. Sometimes the skin also gives birth to a mass of rubella, serious cases will appear chest tightness, suffocation and other symptoms, painful. Patients with a history of bronchial asthma, patients with acute diseases, people with weak constitution, and people with allergic constitution should stay away from plants. It is better to wear masks and gloves for protection. People with a history of pollen allergy can take antiallergic drugs such as kairuitan and chlorpheniramine when they travel. Asthma attack can be rescued by asthma spray.