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Do you know how to prevent insect bite dermatitis

Summer is a high incidence period of insect bite dermatitis. How to prevent insect bite dermatitis in summer? Do you know? Don't worry, experts give you some advice.

Insect bite dermatitis, also known as papular urticaria, is a common childhood skin disease in summer and autumn. There are many insects that cause insect bite dermatitis, such as mosquitoes, bedbugs, fleas, mites, flying midges (blackflies), etc. in addition, some caterpillars, such as mulberry caterpillars and thorny caterpillars, can cause diseases if their poisonous burr enters the skin. Mites are the most common mites. Mites are very small and ubiquitous in nature. They can not only directly bite the skin and cause insect bite dermatitis, but also cause skin inflammation through their feces and saliva. The manifestations of insect bite dermatitis are papules, wheezes, edematous erythema, blisters, papules and ecchymosis. In the middle, there are prickly sucking spots scattered or in groups. Can occur in all parts of the body, and with varying degrees of itching, tingling. Among them, pruritus is the most common.

Prevention of insect bite dermatitis

1. Eliminate mosquito breeding places in living environment. It is better not to keep pets. If there are pets, such as cats and dogs in the family, it will increase the growth opportunities of mites and fleas. Don't place carpet indoors. The mat should be cleaned every day. There is no need to use straw woven fabrics on the bed, because it is easy to hide insects in straw woven fabrics, which can't be seen by naked eyes. When children's skin contacts, insects will attack children and cause insect bite dermatitis.

2. When playing, don't let your baby play in the grass, bushes, woods, swamps and damp places; don't touch the dust; don't expose your body too much when you go out, and smear the exposed skin with anti mosquito dew for children.

3. When sleeping, hang a mosquito net on the baby's cot, or cooperate with electric mosquito repellent incense indoors. It's better not to spray insecticides. If you have to use it, put the baby outside the house first, and then come back after the smell of medicine in the home has evaporated.

4. Remove weeds and sundries around the environment regularly; do not sleep directly on the ground; do not sit and lie in the grass and forest.

5. Try to avoid playing outside at the peak of mosquito activity at dusk.