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How to avoid mites in summer

In summer, parents are most afraid to see their children being bitten by mites. Some of them mistakenly think they are bitten by mosquitoes at first. In fact, this is the bad deeds of mites.

After being bitten by mites, the baby will feel itchy skin and then skin rash. The rash can be manifested as edema erythema, papule, papule blister, wind mass, etc., which is red in color, scattered and distributed. The top of the skin lesions often have traces of insect bites. This is because the mite bites the human body, the release of antigens or toxins caused by inflammation, known as mite dermatitis. Mites usually propagate from early summer to autumn, so mite dermatitis has obvious seasonality.

After mite bites human body, it will lead to severe itching, which is persistent, especially at night. Many parents are eager to relieve their baby's itch when they see this, so they take turns to fight with dew, safflower oil, cool oil and essential balm. As a result, instead of getting better, the rash is getting heavier and heavier, with obvious redness and swelling, large sores and even liquid exudation. Mite dermatitis belongs to inflammatory reaction, and most of the lotions such as floral water contain menthol, camphor and other ingredients, which can not improve the local inflammation of baby's skin, but will produce allergic reaction, leading to contact dermatitis. Therefore, when parents find that the baby is bitten by insects, they should not apply medicine by themselves, and it is better to treat it under the guidance of a doctor. Part of it can be applied externally with calamine lotion containing sulfur several times a day. If the rash is large or itchy, take antihistamines. In case of infection, antibiotics can be used for treatment.

In order to let the baby spend the summer safely, it is necessary to keep the indoor and surrounding environment dry and ventilated at ordinary times, and often expose the baby's bedding under strong sunlight. It is better to put away the carpet, at least frequently vacuuming, and spraying insecticides such as exterminator on it.

In the season of mite, we should roll up the straw and bamboo products such as straw mat, pillow mat, sofa mat, and knock them on the ground every day, so as to remove many mites hidden in the gap. Always change clothes and pants for your baby. In case of high humidity weather, even if the temperature is not high, the air conditioner can be used for dehumidification.