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How to prevent and treat the occurrence of mouth sores?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mouth sores are caused by excessive food, dampness and heat in the spleen and stomach, depression and long-lasting fire, and fumigation of fire evil. Can have blister, pustule, its color is yellow white, circumjacent with red halo, conscious burning. So how to prevent the occurrence of mouth sores?

First of all, personal prevention is very important. It is forbidden to eat spicy, greasy and alcoholic food, and to use the corticosteroid emulsion containing fluorine for external application. If comprehensive treatment is carried out on this basis, such as internal medicine treatment, external medicine treatment and combination of single prescription treatment, unexpected results can be achieved. The following is a brief description of the comprehensive treatment:

(1) Internal treatment Decoction: regulate spleen and stomach, clear heat and remove dampness. Medicine: Scutellaria 10g, Coptis 6G, Magnolia 10g, Atractylodes 10g, tangerine peel 10g, liuyisan 12g (Bao Jian), forsythia 12g. 1 dose per day in water.

(2) External treatment: ① external application of 5% sulfur cream, once in the morning and once in the evening; ② external application of silicon cream, once in the morning and once in the evening.

(3) The test prescription is 10g Coptis chinensis, 5g Lithospermum, 100ml sesame oil, decoct in a gentle fire, remove the residue, store the oil for external application.