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Does the type of shampoo need to be changed frequently?

Does the type of shampoo need to be changed frequently? Many people believe that shampoo should be replaced regularly, otherwise the scalp will produce antibodies to a certain shampoo and lose its role in removing dandruff. However, experts say this statement is a misunderstanding. Frequent replacement of shampoo will aggravate hair loss.

Scalp cleaning can't be done every day

Some people often have to change their washing and care products once a month, all of which are new products just on the market.

Every time you change the shampoo, it will bring physical stimulation to the scalp. First, the pH value of shampoo is different from that of shampoo.

Secondly, the formula and additives are also different. It is also difficult to determine the content of plant components and chemical components.

Our scalp has a process of adapting to shampoo. We have been using alkaline shampoo. The scalp has adapted. If it is suddenly changed to acidic, it will stimulate the scalp and cause hair loss.

Hair care should also find the 'root cause'

The formula of shampoo is also different. There are both chemical and plant ingredients. If we don't adapt to the new formula, it is easy to damage our hair or aggravate hair loss.

According to Director Wang Fei, people lose their hair every day. Everyone has about 100000 hair. It is normal to lose 50 ~ 100 hair every day, but it is abnormal if they lose too much or lose hair for a long time.

Experts suggest that young women should choose relatively stable hair care products when washing and caring for their hair, and use 1 ~ 2 varieties suitable for themselves all the time. Don't follow the trend. When there is pruritus and excessive dandruff, it is the right way to consider replacement.