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What reason is crus dropsy? How to eliminate crus edema?

What reason is crus dropsy? How to eliminate crus edema? The problem of leg swelling plagues many women, life pressure, irregular diet and sleep and other reasons will cause leg swelling, so how to quickly eliminate leg swelling? Let's introduce some tips to eliminate leg swelling.

Move 1: kick and lift your hips

The speed of kicking the leg backward should not be too fast. Try to extend it to your limit, pause for 5 seconds, and then return to the preparatory position. Do it at least 10-15 times at a time.

Fat burning: it can not only stretch the strong muscles of legs, but also improve the lines of thighs and buttocks.

Move 2: half squat and leg swing

Like the horse squat, the leg will be very sour. At this time, you can add a slight swing inside and outside to move the meat on the inside and outside of the leg for 5 times, 1 minute each time.

Fat burning: no matter how strong the calf muscles are, they will be burned by this little action. We must do it seriously.

Move 3: Victory 'V' leg

Lie flat on the bed or cushion, first put your legs up and straight, and then separate them into a 'V' shape. When doing this action, your legs should always be straight, and sit at least 20 groups at a time, and gradually increase the number of times as the leg muscles adapt to the action.

Fat burning: this posture can not only exercise to the most difficult thin leg muscles, but also exercise to the abdominal muscles.

Tips: the acupoint of thin leg

If the calf muscles are too strong, it is necessary to cooperate with a little acupoint massage. Use the strength of finger pulp to press 10-15 times on each acupoint, and the calf muscles can burn quickly.

Fast reduction of circumference of swollen leg

TV time curtailment

Sit in a chair and hold the pillow between your knees; Stand on tiptoe; Stay about 10 seconds. Repeat.

Fast reduction of circumference of swollen leg

Working clearance girth reduction

Do it on the chair, feet flat on the ground; Raise your feet flat and straight, stay for about 5 seconds, and then change legs.

Girth reduction anytime, anywhere

Step forward with your right foot; Stand on tiptoe on the heel; When breathing in, squat down, with both legs and knees at a 90 degree angle.

Eat more drainage food to eliminate edema

Leg swelling is generally due to the lower body circulation is not good, lymphatic detoxification dysfunction, usually eat more bamboo shoots, melons, red beans and other food to drainage detoxification, leg naturally to swelling thin.

Read above content, what reason is everybody swollen to crus? How to eliminate the problem of leg swelling should be some understanding, more about eliminating the topic of leg swelling Sihai net editor will continue to introduce in the next article, welcome to view. Wish you a happy life!