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Scalp oil is due to unhealthy scalp, how to prevent scalp oil?

Scalp oil is due to unhealthy scalp, how to prevent scalp oil? Many people have the trouble of scalp oil, how to prevent scalp oil? In the World Health Organization's ten health standards, the ninth is that the hair is glossy, no dandruff. Scalp health is related to physical health, but more than half of Chinese adults have scalp health problems. The scalp was covered under the hair and became a secret place to talk.

Declassify the secret zone

What we can touch with our hands is the cortex of the scalp, which is also the part that most scalp care products can care for. The outermost layer of the scalp has a natural defense system formed by sebum membrane and normal probiotics to resist the invasion of foreign bodies.

A healthy scalp is slightly meat pink

Healthy scalp color is slightly pink, subcutaneous gathered many sebaceous glands, sweat glands and tens of thousands of hair follicles. The number and density of hair follicles are determined at birth, and each hair follicle can grow about 20 hairs in a person's life

Therefore, the number of scalp hair follicles will not increase but gradually decrease in adulthood. Normal scalp metabolism for 16 to 25 days, daily hair loss is 40-100. If you want to know the state of your scalp more clearly, you can make a more detailed analysis through the scalp detection machine, so as to find the appropriate scalp conditioning products.

Experts solve six problems about hair

1. Apply dandruff conditioner on the scalp

Hair conditioner without dandruff removing function has no effect on the scalp, so it is unnecessary to apply it on the scalp. However, hair conditioner with anti dandruff function must contact the scalp to give play to the anti dandruff effect, so it should be applied on the scalp.

2. Scalp oil is mostly hormone disorder in the body

The amount of sebum that sebaceous glands can produce is mainly determined by genetic genes, and changes with androgen levels in the body. The specific performance is that oil production decreases with age. In addition, good rest and eating habits also help to reduce the greasy condition.

3. In addition to the scalp itching itself disease, but also affected by the season

In the normal frequency of shampoo, scalp itching may still occur. At this time, this is the stimulation reaction caused by fungi, rather than the lack of cleaning. Therefore, we should consider using dandruff shampoo. If there is seasonal itching, it may also be an individual susceptibility problem, we should pay attention to relieve anxiety and keep relaxed.

4. Don't scratch your nails when washing your hair

Fingernail scratch can cause scalp damage, and then lead to infection, so that the scalp problems become more and more serious, and the hair may fall off due to pulling. In the use of dandruff shampoo products, the correct shampoo is: first rub the rich shampoo foam in the palm, then massage the scalp with the belly massage to achieve the full cleaning and anti dandruff effect.

5. The scalp is the second thinnest skin in the body

The thickness of scalp is only 1 / 50 of sole skin, which is the second thinnest skin in the whole body, second only to the skin around the eyes. Therefore, like the skin around the eyes, the scalp needs more careful care than the skin on the face.

6. Neglected injuries

The hustle and bustle of work and life makes modern urban people face greater pressure. The first part of the body to feel psychological pressure is the head, and the first discomfort to show is the scalp problem. Different from common skin problems, scalp problems are not so obvious. Many people even have scalp diseases, but they don't know it because they have no obvious symptoms. When the scalp appears dandruff, itching, dryness, oil, tingling and other problems, these are the concentrated manifestations of scalp discomfort.

The pollution of the external environment also brings pressure to the scalp. The sources of external pollutants are mainly divided into four categories: the ingredients in the cuticle debris and sweat from the scalp; the products of sebum catabolism by bacteria and other microorganisms; various particles or pollutants (such as dust, suspended particles, compounds in rain) deposited on the hair; and the residues of hair products.

Customized scalp maintenance scheme

Scheme 1:

Skin experts believe that more than half of adults suffer from dandruff. When the scalp is very healthy, the exfoliated cells are powder that we can't easily detect, so we can't see dandruff. But when the scalp problems, the epidermis can not be very good to mature, so large pieces of peeling, this is dandruff. Dandruff is a benign scaly disease of scalp, mostly caused by emotional tension, poor eating habits, alcoholism, endocrine disorders. In addition to abandon these messy life, but also for their own head skin care.

Scheme 2:

Scalp oil troubles some people, but fortunately, they only account for 5% of adults. Many people will have yellow and greasy dandruff when scratching their head. Many people think it's time to wash their hair. In fact, it's a sign of seborrheic dermatitis. That is to say, your scalp has been oily to a very serious degree. Fragile scalp needs conditioning to achieve water oil balance and regulate the microbial environment of the scalp.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of the problem that scalp oil is due to unhealthy scalp. More topics about skin health will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!