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Eating too much salt can cause freckles on the face

Eating too much salt can cause freckles on the face. The main component of salt is sodium chloride. Chlorine, sodium and potassium are the main components of electrolytes in the human body, and sodium and potassium are like two equal and balanced comrades in arms. Sodium is outside the cell and potassium is inside the cell. Both of them jointly defend the balance of osmotic pressure, water and pH value inside and outside the cell of the body. Once the balance is broken, sodium content increases, it will cause harm to the human body!

Osteoporosis if people are addicted to heavy food, salt will deplete calcium in people's bones, and finally people will lose health because of osteoporosis.

Freckles eat too much salt, in addition to the face will become black and yellow, but also may lead to cheek freckles. If the intake of animal fat and protein is too much, it will affect the normal metabolism of liver and make freckles more obvious. To have a good skin, the more scientific way is to drink more water to help the skin detoxify. At the same time, the daily salt intake should be controlled below 6 grams.

Hair loss eating too salty will not only cause nutritional metabolic hair loss, but also make the hair become yellow. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, if the kidney qi is abundant, the hair will be black and shiny, and if the kidney qi is deficient, the hair will be dry and yellow. In recent years, many foreign studies have also shown that salty diet will increase the burden on the kidney, further cause the disorder of sodium excretion, so as to increase blood pressure, protein metabolism disorder, affect the formation of protein in the hair, and make the hair yellow.

Face swelling, excessive salt intake will make water metabolism disorder, water retention in the body will appear swelling phenomenon. Only by eating less salt and more water-saving food can we improve.

Wrinkles increase, eat too much salt, sodium ions increase in the body, will cause facial cell dehydration, resulting in skin aging, a long time more wrinkles.