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Leg care makes you healthy and energetic

Leg health care makes you healthy and energetic! Legs have many important acupoints related to every part of the body, so leg health care is very important. You can easily complete the following actions at home, which is not only healthy but also anti-aging.

Dry cleaning feet

Use both hands to hold one side of the thigh root, massage from the thigh root down to the ankle, and then massage from the ankle back to the thigh root. Massage the other leg in the same way and repeat 10 to 20 times. This can make joints flexible, leg muscle strength, but also prevent varicose veins, lower limb edema and muscle atrophy.


When walking on a tree or a wall, first swing your leg forward to make your toes tilt forward and upward, and then swing your toes backward to straighten your feet and extend your legs. Swing your two legs alternately, 80 to 100 times each time. This method can prevent hemiplegia, lower limb atrophy, leg cramps and other diseases.

Warm feet

Warm feet is to soak feet with hot water every night, which can make blood flow throughout the body, which is conducive to physical and mental health, and also has a certain preventive effect on angina pectoris attack.

Knead your legs

Use two palms to hold the leg tightly, rotate and rub, 20 to 30 times each time, and exchange the two legs for 6 times. This method can dredge the blood vessels, strengthen the strength of legs, and prevent leg pain and fatigue.

Twisted knee

Two feet parallel close, bend the knee slightly squat down, hands on the knee, clockwise twist for 10 times, and then anticlockwise twist. This method can dredge blood vessels, treat lower limb fatigue, knee pain and other diseases.