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Why can suffer from mammary gland hyperplasia? How does mammary gland hyperplasia prevent effect to

Why can suffer from mammary gland hyperplasia? Got mammary gland hyperplasia how to do? Mammary gland hyperplasia how to prevent the effect is good? Mammary gland hyperplasia is mammary gland hyperplasia, refers to mammary gland epithelial and fibrous tissue hyperplasia, mammary gland tissue duct and mammary lobule in the structure of degenerative lesions and progressive connective tissue growth, its pathogenesis is mainly due to endocrine hormone imbalance.

So what are the reasons for endocrine hormone disorders? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that: feelings are not smooth, liver qi can not be normal, laxation and qi stagnation, blood stasis disease coagulation, Chong Ren disorder, often menstrual disorders, facial stains. Modern medicine believes that: marriage and childbirth, diet, living environment and genetic factors are the main causes of breast disease.


Keep the mood comfortable, optimistic mood is the best defense weapon of mammary gland hyperplasia.

1. Psychological treatment is very important. The harm of hyperplasia of mammary glands to human body is nothing more than psychological damage. Due to the lack of correct understanding of the disease, excessive tension of adverse psychological factors stimulates anxiety and sadness, resulting in neurasthenia, which will aggravate endocrine imbalance and aggravate hyperplasia. Therefore, all kinds of adverse psychological stimulation should be removed. People with poor psychological tolerance should pay more attention to less anger, maintain emotional stability, lively and cheerful mood, which is conducive to early recovery.

2. Change diet, prevent obesity, eat less fried food, animal fat, sweets and too much tonic food, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat more coarse grains. Black soybean is the best, eat more walnut, black sesame, black fungus, mushroom.

3. Life should be regular, work and rest should be combined, and sex life should be harmonious. Can adjust endocrine disorders, keep defecation unobstructed, will reduce breast pain, can play a certain role in the prevention of breast hyperplasia.

4. Exercise more to prevent obesity and improve immunity.

5. It is forbidden to abuse contraceptives and beauty products containing estrogen, and do not eat chicken and beef fed with estrogen.

6. The prevention of mammary gland hyperplasia should also pay attention to avoid abortion, maternal feeding, can prevent.

7. Self check and regular review.

8. Clear diagnosis, according to the disease to develop a reasonable treatment. At present, the comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese medicine has made a breakthrough, and the effect is more significant. For example, breast cysts, regardless of size and time, disappeared about 2 weeks after treatment. Correct endocrine in time for hyperplasia of mammary gland, eliminate lump, distending pain and facial nerve, and relieve pain after medication for acute mastitis.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of why we suffer from mammary gland hyperplasia? How to prevent mammary gland hyperplasia? About why we suffer from mammary gland hyperplasia? How to prevent mammary gland hyperplasia? Today we will introduce here. More topics about women's health will continue to be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. I wish you good health!