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What are the important measures to prevent arthritis

1. Strengthen physical fitness, strengthen the ability of disease resistance: on weekdays, we should strengthen exercise, improve the ability of cold tolerance, and prevent upper respiratory tract infection.

2. Timely treatment of streptococcal infection: common diseases of streptococcal infection include upper respiratory tract infection, pharyngitis

Tonsillitis, lymphadenitis, otitis media, sinusitis, erysipelas or pustular herpes, scarlet fever, etc. Once these diseases occur, effective antibiotics (generally penicillin) should be treated in time. The course of treatment is about 7-10 days.

3. Long term drug prevention: for children with repeated or prolonged streptococcal infection and children with rheumatic disease who first developed rheumatism, long-acting penicillin injection can be intramuscularly injected with 200000 units per month or 600000 units every two weeks. The former in order to prevent the occurrence of rheumatism, the latter in order to prevent the recurrence of rheumatism, have a certain effect.

Removal of chronic lesions: if there are chronic tonsillitis, dental caries, chronic sinusitis, etc., should be removed as soon as possible, such as tonsillectomy, repair or extraction of caries. For children with rheumatism, surgery should be performed when there is no disease activity.