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The harm of "mouse hand"

Some people call this symptom group different from traditional hand injury as' mouse hand '. What is the symptom of got mouse hand? What harm does it have?

Its early performance is fatigue and numbness of finger and hand joints, and some joints will make a slight noise when moving, which is similar to the symptoms of "constrictive tenosynovitis", but it involves more joints than tenosynovitis. Hand surgery experts believe that the mouse is more likely to cause hand injury than the keyboard, because when people use the mouse, they always focus on the mechanical movement of one or two fingers, and with this monotonous and slight activity, it will also strain the ligament of the wrist.

Other occupations that may have similar effects, such as musicians, teachers, editors, journalists, architects, miners, etc., are all related to frequent use of hands.

Experts remind: to use a variety of different input methods, do not work in front of the computer for too long time, after using the mouse continuously for an hour, you need to do a relaxing hand activity. A hand surgery expert said that a guitarist who often works on a computer won't suffer from a mouse hand.

Putting the mouse on the desktop is harmful to your health

Doctors found that the higher the position of the mouse, the greater the damage to the wrist; the farther the mouse is from the body, the greater the damage to the shoulder. Therefore, the mouse should be placed in a slightly lower position, which is equivalent to the height of the elbow when the upper arm is perpendicular to the ground in sitting posture. The position of the keyboard should be similar to this. Many computer tables do not have a dedicated location for the mouse, so putting the mouse on the desktop for a long time will do harm to people.