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What reason is crus red swollen ache?

What reason is crus red swollen ache? What reason is crus dropsy lumbago? Many patients are very concerned about these problems, but they are not very clear. Then, for these questions, let's see how the experts introduce them.

1. Nephrogenic swelling: lower limb swelling with facial swelling will also occur when kidney disease or renal function is poor. Generally, problems will be found in urine routine and renal function examination, and both lower limbs should be symmetrical.

2. Cardiogenic swelling: lower limb swelling occurs in right heart failure, of course, accompanied by systemic discomfort such as dyspnea, and both lower limbs should appear symmetrically.

3. Liver function damage: after liver disease or liver function damage, the ability of liver to synthesize protein decreases and low protein edema occurs. It is generally accompanied by jaundice, weight loss, fatigue and poor diet, and it should appear symmetrically in both lower limbs. Check liver function or hepatitis B markers clearly.

4. Cellulitis: local swelling, increased skin temperature and obvious tenderness can be treated with intravenous antibiotics. Generally, it is cured in 1-2 weeks.

5. Impairment of venous valve function of lower limbs: venous blood reflux is not smooth, and swelling occurs in the drooping part when standing. Pay attention to standing as little as possible on weekdays. Rest is to raise both lower limbs and promote venous reflux. If the swelling is aggravated and the range is enlarged, you can wear elastic socks for treatment.

After reading the above, we should have some understanding of the causes of leg redness, swelling and pain. More topics about low back pain will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!