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What is the small folk prescription that removes beriberi quickly?

What is the small folk prescription that removes beriberi quickly? How to treat beriberi the most effective? How to treat beriberi the most effective? What is the most effective method to treat beriberi? We introduce the small folk prescription of treating beriberi.

White vinegar can prevent cold and beriberi

At the beginning of a cold, or when you have a clear nose, you can use a tampon soaked in white vinegar to plug your nostrils, two or three times a day, and it can be cured on the same day or the next day. For beriberi patients, you can use a tampon soaked in white vinegar to smear the affected part, which can relieve itching and kill bacteria. If there is slight peeling, you can apply it once for half a month, and then apply it again.

Beer can cure beriberi

The method is to pour the bottled beer into the basin, do not add water, wash your feet, soak them in the beer for 20 minutes, and then rinse them. 1.2 times a week.

Boiled soybean water can cure beriberi

With 150 grams of soybeans broken boiling water, with low heat about 20 minutes, water about 1 kg, when the water temperature can wash feet, used to soak feet, can bubble for a while. The effect of treating beriberi is excellent, the foot does not desquamate, and the skin is moist. Generally, it takes three or four days to wash,

Fig leaves for beriberi

Take a few fig leaves, add water to boil for about 10 minutes, when the water temperature is appropriate, soak and wash for 10 minutes, twice a day, generally three or five days.

Massage acupoints can cure beriberi and foot odor

When washing feet, soak your feet in warm water for two or three minutes. When your feet are hot, press the heel of one foot on the back of the other toe seam. Then push the heel forward to the toe tip and rub it back. Pull it back lightly and push it forward heavily, so as not to hurt the skin. Rub each toe for 50-80 times, alternating with your feet. The speed is 120 times per minute. Once a night, beriberi is heavier, the upper part of the skin has been broken should not use this method.

Treating beriberi with Polygonatum and vinegar

The folk prescription is: 250 grams of Polygonatum and 2000 grams of vinegar are poured into the enamel basin. After soaking for 3 days and 3 Nights (without heating or adding water), soak the affected foot in the basin. Three hours for the first time, two hours for the second time and one hour for the third time. Three nights is OK.

Leek can cure beriberi

Wash 250 grams of fresh leeks, cut them into pieces, put them in a basin, and pour in boiling water. When it is cool enough to lower the foot, soak the foot for half an hour, the water should not be over the foot, and knead with the foot at the same time. Wash it again after a week, the effect is very good.

Treating beriberi with alkaline noodles

In summer, feet sweat a lot and are prone to beriberi. Before going to bed at night, use a spoonful of soda flour (that is, soda flour for steamed bread), dissolve it in warm water, soak your feet in soda water for about 0 minutes, light two or three times, heavy four or five times.

Homemade earthworm sugar Jiao Qi Ling

Catch two live earthworms and soak them in clean water for a day to let them spit out the soil. Take it out and put it in a bowl or small bottle. Sprinkle with two small spoonfuls of sugar. Use it after two days. Wash your feet before going to bed every night, dip them with cotton wool or cloth strips, hang them for a while, and wrap them with paper or cloth. But it can be cured in half a month.

White sugar can cure beriberi

Soak the feet in warm water and wash them. Take a little sugar and rub the affected parts of beriberi with your hands repeatedly. Wash the feet after rubbing. It's OK not to wash them. Every two or three days, three times after the general mild beriberi patients can be cured, this method is especially effective for interphalangeal beriberi.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of the small folk prescription for rapid removal of beriberi. More topics about small folk prescription for treatment of beriberi will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!