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How can diabetics overcome their bad eating habits?

How can diabetics overcome their bad eating habits? Why are more and more people getting worse now? Why are diseases so easy to invade our bodies? A big reason is that their diet is unhealthy, unscientific and unreasonable. Especially for patients with diabetes, bad eating habits are really harmful.

1. Qi stagnation Constitution: most afraid not to eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast will affect liver and gallbladder function, Fu said. The plan of the day is in the morning. Every morning, the gallbladder is full of bile and ready for breakfast. But many people do not eat breakfast, there is no food in the stomach, certainly affect the excretion of bile. The function of the liver and gallbladder is related to its smooth Qi, poor digestion, unobstructed defecation and poor mood. If the bile can not be excreted when it should be excreted, it will seriously affect the liver and gallbladder, promote or aggravate qi stagnation constitution, and then affect the spleen and stomach transportation, promote the generation of phlegm dampness, the more you do not eat breakfast, the more obese you will be.

Warm tips: people with qi stagnation constitution have the potential tendency of qi stagnation and discomfort. They should choose foods with the functions of regulating qi, relieving depression and regulating spleen and stomach, such as barley, buckwheat, mushroom, Douchi, balsam pear, radish, onion, chrysanthemum, etc. Should eat less astringent things, such as pumpkin, pomegranate, strawberry, carambola, jujube, lemon, etc. Do not eat more cold food or drink.

2. Yang deficiency or blood stasis Constitution: most afraid of eating cold

The popularity of refrigerators makes many people form the habit of eating frozen food or drinking iced drinks. Fu Yingjie believes that the digestion of food by the spleen and stomach depends on the Yang Qi of the spleen and stomach, and freezing cold is the most harmful to the spleen and stomach, damaging the Yang Qi. Blood likes warm and averse to cold. If you get warm, you will go. If you meet cold, you will coagulate. Therefore, freezing cold diet also affects the operation of blood. If Yang Qi is damaged for a long time, Yang deficiency is inevitable; if blood vessels are often blocked, blood stasis will appear. People who eat too much frozen food, especially women, are more common in the constitution of Yang deficiency and blood stasis.

Warm tips: people with Yang deficiency constitution are tired and afraid of cold. They should be warm and tonic instead of clear and tonic. They should not eat cold and raw materials, but eat warm and hot food. Such as litchi, durian, cherry, jujube, walnut, cashew, ginger, leek, pepper, pumpkin, carrot, yam, soybean sprouts, mutton, beef, dog meat, chicken, etc. People with blood stasis constitution have slow blood flow and can often eat peach kernel, rape, black soybean and other foods with the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. They can often drink a small amount of wine, eat more vinegar, hawthorn porridge and peanut porridge.

3. Phlegm dampness or qi deficiency constitution: most afraid of excessive nutrition, often eat supper

Fu Yingjie said that the most obvious result of a person's long-term over nutrition and overeating is the formation of phlegm dampness constitution. There are two kinds of over nutrition, one is absolute, the other is relative. The absolute thing is that the food is too delicious and you eat a lot of it; the relative thing is that although the whole amount seems not much, it is more than the calorie consumption and basic metabolism. For example, fatty, thick and greasy or delicately processed foods are usually rich in flavor, attractive in color and high in calories. Although they are delicious, eating too much will affect the spleen and stomach.

The digestion ability of the spleen and stomach is limited, too much food intake, barely processed are semi-finished products, this semi-finished product is not easy to be used by the human body, it is easy to form phlegm dampness. These phlegm dampness in the subcutaneous easily lead to obesity, in the blood is high blood fat, in the liver is fatty liver. In addition, Yang Qi is latent at night and needs rest. It should not be mobilized to digest food at night. If you often eat supper, it will hurt Yang Qi and promote phlegm dampness constitution.

Warm tips: people with phlegm dampness constitution are obese, easily tired, prone to diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The daily diet should be light and light. You should eat seven or eight full meals. You should not drink more wine. You should eat more vegetables and fruits, especially those with the functions of invigorating the spleen and removing dampness, dispersing the lung and eliminating phlegm, such as radish, laver, coix seed, wax gourd, red beans, lentils, etc. and eat less sweet, sticky and greasy food. People with Qi deficiency constitution are thin or fat, tired, and pale. They can often eat japonica rice, glutinous rice, millet, yam, potato, jujube, mushroom, tofu, chicken, beef, dog meat, etc.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of how to overcome the bad eating habits of diabetic patients. More topics about diabetes treatment and health care will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!